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David Webb - the principle consultant at dnj solutions about the service

The foundations of dnj solutions are based on David Webb’s experience in business.  There are two strains - the first is through education and training  - the second is through streamlining of systems.  The experiences gained from a number of different business types is used to develop systems which deliver key performance indicators relating to the client’s business.  

business experience

Part of the process has to be the development of the personnel we work with.

We do not deliver standard training packages but instead concentrate on understanding the needs of our customers and deliver instructional  sessions focused on meeting those needs.  Quite often this focuses on the use of reports from within Sage and Access programmes.  We also focus on exporting data and manipulating that data within Excel or using Access to provide tailored reports from Excel data.

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dnj solutions’ principal David Webb has brought a wealth of diverse experience to the company from a working life in the healthcare, nutrition, transport and recruitment sectors.  Additionally David had managed projects in direct selling, building refurbishment, data management and freelance journalism, as well as ownership of a franchise in the SMART repair of motor vehicles.  David’s wife Mel also runs Home or Away Petcare so when he’s not at the computer he can often be found with dogs on leads or cockatiels on his head!

As part of many of these roles David developed an understanding of data and how databases can be used to provide additional value to businesses.  An extension of this was the use of Sage accounting and payroll software.  Accounting software correctly configured can be used to provide a business with so much more than just accounts information.

David has also served on a number of business and community committees and is currently the FSB Central South Hampshire branch chair as well as the chair of the Fieldfare Local Action Group.  The latter delivers development grant funding to business and community organisations in the rural parts of Winchester City Council and East Hampshire District Council.

David’s experience began with spreadsheets in the late 1980s, moving into Borland Quattro Pro (he still looks back with rose tinted glasses to this programme) before coming to Microsoft Excel in the mid 1990s.  
His first foray into computerised accounting came with Sage in 1992 when he learnt the DOS programme and the the first involvement with databases came in 1998 when he realised it was easier to learn MS Access and build a recruitment program than it was to take an off the shelf package and try and modify for his recruitment business at the time.
Since those first steps David has operated a number of different programmes and was quoted “ Once you have learnt a programme in one format, it is usually pretty straight forward to apply those principles in a similar environment.  With the increasing cost of Microsoft Office and Sage Accounts it is incumbent on any business to look at what low cost alternatives are out there.  The features of Excel are good, but for the average user, most of these tools are available within Open or Libre Office.”
As well as the numerate areas David is also a competent desktop and web Publisher as well as an avid proponent of the use of mind mapping. “In a world of massive information from numerous sources, Mind mapping helps me to cut through to the important stuff and give me an easily read and followed plan of the way forward.”
computing experience A bit more about David

Outside of the business arena David's passion (when he has time to indulge them that is) include listening to music (first album was Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and the most recent Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - with a couple of thousand somewhere in the middle.  

As referred to elsewhere are dogs. Elephants are very special creatures and David recalls his friends father telling him how elephants were good at hiding - but at Addo David saw this was correct. David likes train travel but hates flying.  Cricket is David’s favourite sport but he would probably watch almost anything.  Things which “rattle his caged” are included in his blog at www.davesrant.co.uk.