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David Webb - the principle consultant at dnj solutions intelligence

It is useful to understand the process whereby any of us is able to use data effectively. dnj solutions call it “Uncovering your business intelligence” but equally this could mean creating it.  Many businesses collect data, often because of a one-off need, and then continue to collect it even when the need is no longer there.  Used effectively, this information can help deliver “growth” or “survival” strategies for your business. This image illustrates the mechanism for uncovering intelligence and was produced using Mindjet MindManager software.

The next stage in the process is that dnj solutions will produce a report on

dnj solutions start the process of refinement by talking to the business principal in order to

understand what the history of the business is

understand where the business is going

understand what the business principal(s) ambition

understand what data is currently available within the business

review how this data is collected

What staff skills are available
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