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These are just a couple of sites which I find useful for people I have or would do business with.


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Some books which have been useful to DNJ Solutions.

The 10-Day MBA: Steven Silbiger (Piatkus)

Described as “A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Skills Taught In Top Business Schools” - this gives a good guide to businessman (or businesswoman) looking to get  results from MBA techniques without needing to do and MBA


How To Be An Entrepreneur: Steve Parks (Pearson Business)

An interesting read, nicely packaged in bite sized sections.  I found it useful when reviewing my own traits and needs

The Non Designer’s Design Book:  Robin Williams (Peachpit)

A great book for those of us who want to design but are intimidated by the profession.  I bought my copy in 2000 and still refer back to it.

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Also David’s recent FSB Breakfast Presentation on Excel -

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