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As business owners we are always looking to get best value on our investment.  Mostly this involves a number of steps to evaluate what investment is required, how we implement it and how we monitor the effect of the investment.
Everyone is different. Every company has different needs and prioritises. Many business owners can become too close to their business.
If you thought you could extract 10% more profit from your company would you.  Knowing where to start is key.  Knowing where you are going comes next.  What can happen though is our “business sat nav” takes us up a blind alley, or down a familiar route and as a consequence we can lose focus.
If you try something new how do you know it works.  If you do, how confident can you be aof the reason.  With a tweak, could it work even better for you?
What is often needed is an independent observer who can look at what is happening, quickly and effectively understand the process or just challenge the method. Collaboratively the owner and the independent can come up with an alternative approach which represents better value for money.
This could come from staff training, personal development or just modifying systems.  The key aspect though is to put changes in place which can be measured.  Many businesses collect data, often because of a one-off need, and then continue to collect it even when the need is no longer there.  Used effectively, this information can help deliver “growth” or “survival” strategies for your business.
So if you know your company can spend more effectively and want to learn new ways of getting better value contact dnj solutions today.
What are your needs? - We will sit down and listen. We will help you achieve what you want to do not sell you what we want to sell.
What is needed to improve the situation? This will be a number of steps.  Some can be provided by dnj solutions, some may not, but we can signpost.
How is the improvement best delivered? This could be, delivery of training, a Growth by Numbers development package or working with an external provider. Either way, you will have the tools to control the process.
Monitoring of results.  It is very easy to waste money.  Advertising is a key area.  You run a campaign - someone says something nice about it.  So it’s a success.  But did it deliver sales.  What value were the sales.  Was the feedback from someone outside your target market?
Fine Tune - it’s important to do this.  The more you monitor the more you are in control. Once the monitoring system is in place, can you delegate?
Are you measuring your business success?
All businesses have a wealth of information that they can do more with. If you are a start up, it is a wise investment to look at how you are going to collect data.  As an established business, you already have that information.  How can you use it to help develop your business?  Some of the areas to think about are:
dnj solutions is based in central Hampshire, dealing predominantly (but not exclusively) with clients in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and Berkshire. In the first instance contact David Webb either by email or by one of the social networks such as - LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
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“What stimulates me is working with some data and turning it into a gem of information - something the customer can use to develop the business”